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Insurance Options

Mike Moves Pittsburgh provides all of our customers with a level of protection on their household goods of their own choosing.

1) General Protection- If any damage occurs to any particular piece of furniture or item packed by Mike Moves Pittsburgh the State minimum requirement mandates we pay .60 cents per pound per item. This protection is offered at no cost to the customer. Additionally, your goods are insured up to $10,000 while on the truck in transit; again at no additional cost to you, the customer.

2)  Our tier 2 Protection provides for cost of repairs to any damaged item or replacement of items damaged or financial reimbursement for damaged item at depreciation value.

Tier 2 Protection costs $150.00 in addition the moving bill.


One of these options MUST be chosen prior to the start of your move. Our driver will bring the necessary paperwork to record your option.  

 We are pleased to be named as one of the best moving companies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by! As always, we earn our customers primarily by word-of-mouth referrals so this is huge for us to be named among the best! Our customers rock! We are also listed with the BBB!

Moving Services

Mike Moves Pittsburgh is a full service moving company operating out of the Turtle Creek Valley in Allegheny County, PA. We service all of Western PA for residential and business moving. No job is too small and our rates are way lower than most competitors! In addition, your goods are insured up to $25,000.00 Rates are as follows:



Deposits are now mandatory due to an increase of people booking and then ditching their move once we are there. Deposit is equal to one hour of whichever plan you choose and is non-refundable. Thank you for understanding.


1) 3 men & a truck for $170.00 per hour, 3 hour billing minimum required. If the move lasts longer than 3 hours we round off the charges to the nearest half hour. Travel Time Fee of at least $60.00 if your current residence is a half hour or less from our current facility in North Versailles, PA. Travel Time is based on a $2.00 per minute fee times the actual time it takes us to drive to your current residence.

2) 2 men & a truck for $150.00 per hour, 3 hour billing minimum plus Travel Time Fee of at least $60.00 if you live within a half hour radius of our facility in North Versailles, PA. Travel Time is based on a $2.00 per minute fee times the actual time it takes to drive to your current residence. 45 minutes = $90.00, 60 minutes = $120.00, etc

We can add more men and/or trucks for bigger moves for your convenience. Please call for pricing if this is a need for your move.

STEPS/STAIRS- As of May 1, 2024, stairs will be billed at $5.00 per stair.  5 stairs = $25.00, 10 = $50.00, etc

This additional fee is to pay our men for the extra effort it takes and the wear & tear it puts on their bodies to go up & down excessive amounts of stairs.

Payment for services and/or materials is due at the completion of the day. We accept cash, Venmo, or Credit Cards 


Mileage fee- if you are moving 20 miles or more from your original residence, a $1 per mile fee will be added.

Specialty Item Fee- For any item weighing 300 pounds or greater a Specialty Item handling Fee of at least $250.00 will be charged. These items may be a triple door refrigerator, slabs of granite countertop, Armoire, China Buffet, Gun Safe, Entertainment Center or Treadmill. Most household furniture is not in excess of 300 pounds but the items that are require special attention & care and are handled by our most experienced movers. Multiple items over 300 pounds will be discounted at a rate of at least $50.00 per item.


Travel Time- Due to increased fuel costs we now charge travel time of at least $60.00 for those customers residing within a half hour of our office in Turtle Creek, PA. For those customers whose residence is more than 30 minutes from our office, the Travel Time will be pro-rated at $2.00 per minute for each minute in excess of 30 minutes (45 minutes= $90.00 Travel Time Fee, 50 minutes = $100.00, etc). Thank you for understanding the need for this fee. We do not wish to adjust our rates at this time but we must cover our costs. Thank you!


Long Distance Rates pertain to those who are moving 40 miles or more. We operate on a sliding scale fee determined by the actual distance you are moving.


40 to 100 miles = .55 cents per pound, $1.00 per mile

101 miles to 200 miles = .65 cents per pound, $1.05 per mile

201 miles to 300 miles= .75 cents per pound, $1.10 per mile

301 miles to 400 miles = .80 cents per pound, $1.15 per mile

401 miles to 500 miles= $.85 per pound, $1.20 per mile

501 miles to 600 miles= $.90 per pound, $1.25 per mile

601 to 800 miles = $1.00 per pound, $1.50 per mile


The cost to do business increases the farther we drive as we have to pay for accommodations for our drivers & helpers as well as rising fuel costs, wear and tear on the vehicles, and insurance.

These prices are effective August 1, 2021 unless you have already booked with us at the old rate.


Please reserve your space on our calendar before it fills up!

Also, please book at least 24 hours in advance of your move.

We cannot always accommodate last minute moves.

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