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Before You Move...

If you are packing your own belongings please adhere to these instructions as they will make for a more efficient and less time consuming move:

1) When packing heavy items, such as books or dishes, use small or medium sized boxes. When heavy items are packed into large boxes it causes the boxes to break apart in our hands or it takes more than one man to carry. Please help us to to service your move better by only packing clothing or blankets in the larger boxes.

2) Every box should be sealed with tape and nothing sticking out of the top. It makes it much harder to stack on the truck if there is something protruding from the box.

3) All boxes should be labeled with the room you expect them to be placed in at your new home. Also, if there are breakable items they need to be marked as "Fragile" and if there are knives in boxes from the kitchen please label it as "Kitchen Utensils". Sometimes knives cut through the cardboard and cause a threat to our workers.

4) If you want us to pack your belongings it will require more than a one day move for most places. The first day we will come and pack. The second day we will come and move your items. We DO NOT OFFER UNPACKING SERVICES except for those over 75 years of age or Special Needs. 

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