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Corona Virus Information:

Mike Moves Pittsburgh continues to be open during this time of crisis.
We are a small business & we bring less than 10 workers to any job we service. In addition, we encourage our workers to take immunity enhancers such as Emergen-C, Airborne, or any other Vitamin C supplement of at least 500 mg. Further, we commit to not bring anyone exhibiting symptoms of Corona Virus into your home or place of business AND we will not bring in any worker who has been exposed to a known carrier of the virus. We will practice social distancing while in your home or place of business and we are able to process your credit card/debit card over the phone or in person.
People are still moving and we hope we are able to provide you with the safety and professionalism these trying times & our industry require. We pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob will exhibit His mercies and bring healing to our land and the whole Earth.

Moving Services

Mike Moves Pittsburgh is a full service moving company operating out of the Turtle Creek Valley in Allegheny County, PA. We service all of Western PA for residential and business moving. No job is too small and our rates are way lower than most competitors! In addition, your goods are insured up to $25,000.00 Rates are as follows:


1. 2 men and one truck- $95 per hour, 3 hour minimum fee

2. 3 men and one truck- $120 per hour, 3 hour minimum fee

3. 3 men and 2 trucks- $150 per hour, 3 hour minimum fee

4. 4 men and 2 trucks- $170 per hour, 3 hour minimum fee

Payment for services and/or materials is due at the completion of the day. We accept cash, Venmo, or Credit Cards ( NO PERSONAL CHEQUES).

Mileage fee- if you are moving 20 miles or more from your original residence, a $1 per mile fee will be added.



If you are moving 40 miles or more within the State of Pennsylvania, the State of Pennsylvania mandates you be charged by the weight of your belongings plus mileage fee. In accordance with the law, Mike Moves Pittsburgh charges $550.00 per 1000 pounds (2000 lb. minimum fee at .55 cents per pound) plus $1.00 per mile mileage. 

In example, if you are moving 195 miles and the weight of your belongings totals 2,230 pounds your fee would be $1421.50 (2,230 x .55 =$1,226.50 plus $195 mileage equals $1421.50).


The rate for moving long distance outside of Pennsylvania is as follows:
.75 cents per pound with a 2000 pound minimum PLUS
$1.50 per mile PLUS Tolls reimbursement (If applicable).

In example, if you are moving 485 miles from your current residence outside of Pennsylvania and you are being charged the 2000 pound minimum fee, the rate would be $2227.50 ( 2000 pounds x .75= $1500.00 plus 485 x 1.50 = $727.50 which totals $2227.50 plus any tolls).

The Rate stays the same EVEN ON SATURDAY & SUNDAY!
That's right! While other companies are charging you extra for weekend work, we do not. 

Please reserve your space on our calendar before it fills up!
Also, please book at least 24 hours in advance of your move.
We cannot always accommodate last minute moves.